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Jiamusi University - the Eastern talents’ cultivating base in China – locates in Jiamusi city (the earliest zone to welcome sunrise in China, the charming city with optimum ecological environment) in Heilongjiang Province in China. the university has been founded in 1947, and with 67 years’ development and construction, the university has found its way into the list of high-level universities given top priority by Heilongjiang Government. The university integrates post-graduate education, general higher education, continuing education and foreign students’ education. Covering an area of 1.49 million square meters with the construction area of 670000 square meters contained, the university has 26 colleges and 66 research institutes. In the case of specialty setting, the disciplines involve 11 fields: Literature, Science, Engineering, Medicine, Economics, Education, Law, History, Management, Agriculture and Art. It has 75 majors of Undergraduate Degree, 2 First Level Authorized Doctor’s Degree subjects, 10 First Level Master's Degree subjects, 7 Second Level Master's Degree subjects,  6 Authorized Professional Master Degree programs, and 2 Post Doctoral Scientific Research Workstation. Among them, there are 3 state-level special majors,11 province-level key majors, 9 province-level key subjects, three key laboratories at the provincial level, 4 provincial demonstration experimental centers, and 14 provincial quality courses. It also has: a Research Centre for Wear-Resistant Metal Materials and Surface Engineering Technology under the Ministry of Education, a Training Base for Rehabilitation Personnel under the Ministry of Health, an Oversea Study to Russia Training Center under the Ministry of Education, a Medical Training Centre for GP of Heilongjiang Province,  a Centre for Sino-Russia Scientific and Technological Cooperation with Jiamusi, Heilongjiang Province, and A R& D Center of  Wear-Resistant Metal Materials Constructed by Heilongjiang Provincial Higher Educations Institutes and Enterprises  It has established Social Science Union of Jiamusi University. Three journals openly published in the nation and abroad are Social Science Journal of Jiamusi University, Natural Science Journal of Jiamusi University, and Journal of Heilongjiang Pharmaceutical Science. The university sets up: 3 Affiliated Hospitals and 1 Affiliated Primary, Junior and High School. 


The university, with its strong and qualified teaching faculty, boasts a total staff of 4821, including 1586 with senior titles,  5 Provincial Level Teaching Masters, 2 Provincial Level Excellent Post-Graduate Tutor Team, 2 Provincial Technology Creating Team.  Also, there are a set of distinguished Visiting Professors and  Invited Specialist Professors with academicians from “Both Academies”, a Host of Yangtze River and Longjiang Chair Professors. The University holds 23509 Full-time Undergraduates, 1340 postgraduates and 13800 students pursuing Continuing Education from 31 provinces, cities or Autonomous regions nationwide as well as a fixed capital valued over 1.337 Billion Yuan, including 347 Million Yuan worth of teaching facilities and a collection of 2.451 Million Library books.


The university insists on education oriented, teaching centered, to carry out under graduate teaching project, deepen teaching innovations, start a pattern of cultivating innovative talents, adjust academic structural arrangement, entirely implement broad categories enrollment, enhance students’ comprehensive quality and employability.


The university sets up the priority to subjects’ construction, and harmoniously develops major subjects in province, university, and faculties levels. The entire subjects’ construction level is promoted gradually; moreover the subjects’ integrated advantage has been shown. Jiamusi University holds National Projects “Project 973” and “Project 863”, the National Projects for Natural Science Fund, the National Projects for Social Science Fund and the National Science-Supporting Programs, and also multiple projects supported by Health Ministry, Education Ministry and State Ethnic Affairs Commission. The university has been awarded dozens of national patents in the research field of wear-resistant materials, medicine research and agricultural engineering research, and has further strengthened the ability to serve the social and economic development.


The university has been adhering to the open model of running a university and has established friendly cooperation with 39 colleges and universities from 11 countries and regions including Russia, the United States, Britain, South Korea and Japan. With the scholarship project for foreign students' study commissioned by the Chinese government, the university has enrolled more than 800 foreign students from 50 countries and regions.


As clean weather makes sight afar, insisting can achieve accomplishment. Jiamusi University is implementing the basic task – honoring virtue and establishing character, and sturdily cultivating and practicing the socialist values. Inheriting the school motto: honoring virtue, sharpening study, worshiping practice, the university has been upholding: the education guidance “stabilizing the scope, improving quality, striving for unique characteristics and meeting the needs of the local economy”; and attaching great importance to teaching quality, construction of subjects, cultivating talents, and legal management,  so as to improve the university’s construction to be high level comprehensive university , and try to make a more valuable contribution towards provincial higher education, and development of the country through science and education.

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