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Russian delegations from the Pacific National University(Тихоокеанский государственный университет) visited our school

2018-05-10 16:34

The dean of the academy of fine arts Mardenova and other staff from the Pacific National University visited Jiamusi University on 13th April. Vice president Zhao Peiju met the guests in the Foreign guests' conference room of the second floor in the library and both sides had friendly talks with each other.

Vice president Zhao Peiju extended a warm welcome to dean Mardenova on behalf of Jiamusi University and introduced some general information about the developing history, the level of schools, discipline fields as well as teaching staff in Jiamusi University. Meanwhile, they reviewed the recent progress made by both schools in fields such as advanced study and training for teacher, students exchange, teaching and scientific research and gave full affirmation to the efforts and contributions. Both sides hope to promote further exchange and cooperation in art and the related fields based on the existing foundation.

Dean Mardenova expressed the goal to promote the momentum of harmonious cooperation between two schools by her visit and actively enlarge the cooperation space in fine art fields through various channels such as continuing education for teachers, teaching and scientific research collaboration, exchange of students’ work and holding international art exhibition together. Thus, providing more international exchange platforms and opportunities for students and teachers in both schools.

After the meeting, dean Mardenova and the group members visited the studio for lacquer painting, printmaking and sculpture in the academy of fine arts and have interactions and discussions about holding art exhibitions with teachers and students. When visited the department of international education, guests had deepened discussions on matters about the oversea study base for Russia and studying abroad with the person in charge for the base, students as well as some parents.

Madam Sherkrakow from foreign affairs department also came to visit. Guo Yanwen, the division chief of the international exchange and cooperation; Xv Jin, the dean of international education department; Yang Zixun, the dean of fine art department also joined the meeting.