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Giving Full Play to Comprehensive Advantages to Enrich Second Classroom and Enhance Innovation Ability--The Record of the Second Class of MBBS Medical Education in Our University

2018-05-10 16:43

Over the years, the university attaches great importance to MBBS education, which not only shoulders the mission of cultivating talents for the international medical cause, but also disseminates the idea of our ancient nation's awe, treatment and friendly handling of the doctor-patient relationship.

In the second class of MBBS medical education, the university integrates the advantages of resources, pays attention to the innovation of teaching and learning, carefully organized the activities of FMGE integration training, medical forum and international culture festival. The students' humanistic feelings and innovative ability have been greatly improved.

The MBBS students in our school have made great achievements in the double creation activities. In 2015, Su Bo, MBBS oversea student in Our university, won the second class prize in Ministry of Education National College Students' Intelligent Life Innovation Competition In 2016, Sandeep , the MBBS 2011 class student, won the Third Class Prize of the Invention and Production in the Fourth National TRIZ Cup College Students' Innovation Method Competition held by the Heilongjiang Provincial Education Department and the Science and Technology Office. In 2016, Sristi ,MBBS students in grade 2013 from India, won the Award of Excellence in First CUORI Zhuo Li Cup Foreign Student Fashion Design Competition. At the same time, the students were supported by a number of principals' innovation fund, and were well received in the Provincial College Students' double projects.

The second classroom enables students to walk into Chinese culture and improve their practical ability in activities. In 2015-2016, 14 MBBS students were organized in the second class competition, scientific research, scientific and technological innovation, fashion design, cultural exchange and other activities. In 2017, the students visited the children's welfare homes and the elderly home to visit orphans and orphans and widows, to stimulate the students' humanitarian and social welfare.

"A thousand miles joinery is achieved by small steps". In 2018, the MBBS medical education work in our university will focus on the work of the school center, give full play to the advantages and characteristics, embody the humanistic feelings, and write a new chapter in the revitalization of the University.