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The First Symposium on The development of Tara Vine Industry in Heilongjiang Province was Held in Jiamusi University

2018-05-11 08:59

In March 10th, the first session of the Academic Symposium on the development of Tara Vine industry in Heilongjiang was held by the Institute of science and technology of Jiamusi University, the Institute of life science, the Institute of economic research under the forestry of Jiamusi University and the Jiamusi Mu He Bio Technology Co., Ltd.



More than 20 institutions and over 150 individuals took part in this academic exchange. They are from the North Forestry Bureau of Heilongjiang Province, forestry bureau of Yilan County, Dongjingcheng Forestry Bureau, Qitaihe Forestry Bureau, Forestry Bureau of Tangyuan County,Beixing Farm Forestry Bureau, Raohe County Forestry Bureau, Huachuan Forestry Bureau, Huanan Forestry Bureau, Danqinghe Experimental Forest Farm, Duiqingshan Forest Farm, Baoquanling Farm, Poverty Alleviation Office of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital in Raohe County, etc.

Liu Dejiang first expounded the current development and future development of tara vine in the report‘Development status, prospect and suggestions of tara vine industry in Heilongjiang Province‘. He states the development proposals of " tara vine industry" should be emphasized on planning, key demonstration, steady promotion and brand establishment.



After that, Liu Dejiang introduced the condition of "Jiamusi Mu He Biological Science and Technology Co., Ltd." by the scientific research team of "Bo large agroforestry", which was led by him and the principal of the innovation and entrepreneurship fund of Jiamusi University, and shared the research direction, future development goals and vision of the team.

Zhai Qiuxi analyzed "The cultivation technology of tara vine facility" and points out the significance of the cultivation of tara vine facilities, the type of the scaffolding, the suitable varieties and the daily management technology, and emphasized that the facility cultivation would be the direction of the future development of the tara vine.



The report of Xu Chen's " Tara Vine Field Cultivation Technique and Benefit Analysis" has explained the site selection, seedling selection, shelf management, fertilizer management, summer and winter two season pruning techniques, which made the participants benefit a lot.

During the presentation, specimens of Tara Vine were introduced, and samples of Tara Vine and related products were also sampled.

All the participants visited the agricultural and forestry laboratory practice base of Jiamusi University, the experimental nursery of Chinese gooseberry kiwi fruit and the nursery of Jiamusi Mu He Bio Technology Co., Ltd.

By holding this seminar, our school has enhanced the popularity of the research field of gooseberry kiwi fruit, laid the foundation for the demonstration and promotion of Chinese gooseberry kiwi fruit and standardized production basis, and contributed to the promotion of the planting of new varieties of rare fruit trees and the structural adjustment of agriculture in the cold areas of our province.