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Our foreign students won the excellent organization award in the 3rd Heilongjiang competition area selection competition "stay in China -- a trip to China for international students' sunshine sports culture"

2018-10-09 15:33

The third "stay in China - a trip to China for international students in the sunshine sports culture" competition of Heilongjiang province began on May 17 at the stadium of northeast forestry university. After two days of fierce competition, the representative team of our school won the excellent organization award of Heilongjiang competition area.

"Stay in China" is a brand cultural activity for foreign students in China created by the ministry of education. With sports events and cultural talent shows as the link, it demonstrates the healthy and positive image and youthful demeanor of overseas students in China, promotes exchanges between Chinese and foreign students, and enhances the sense of integration of overseas students in China.

The competition was sponsored by Heilongjiang provincial education department, and organized by northeast forestry university. A total of 121 athletes from 11 universities participated in the competition. During the two-day competition schedule, the organizer also arranged a visit to the Harbin forest museum and a "stay in China, flower opening friends" Sino-foreign college students' art performance, which brought cultural and artistic audio-visual feast to the students.

In this activity, our school sent eight foreign students and two Chinese students from Mongolia, Russia, Congo (kinshasa) and India to participate in the competition of sports art exhibition, directional cross-country running and three-person basketball project, which fully demonstrated the artistic talent, Chinese level and cooperative spirit of our students.

This activity not only enriches the cultural life of the overseas students, but also enhances the overall understanding of China of the overseas students in our university. Through the cooperation between Chinese and foreign students, the Chinese and foreign students can better communicate and integrate.