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therapists Team from the United States visited Rehabilitation Medical College for clinical exchanges and lecture guidance.

2019-05-13 15:40

CPNFrom October 28 to November 2, the Chinese Partners Network (CPN) team from United States - Brett Nirider, Juanita Nirider, Senior Physiotherapists, Joyce Vipond, Carlie Spence. Senior Occupational Therapists, and Wu Anan, director of the Ed Foundation - visited Rehabilitation Medical College for a week of clinical exchanges and lecture guidance. Jiamusi University College of Rehabilitation Medicine is one of the national training centers for children's rehabilitation established by CPN in China.



During the visiting, the expert group visited the clinical department of Rehabilitation Medical College, and exchanged expertise knowledge with doctors, nurses, therapists and other professional and technical staff. They went to PT and OT rooms respectively to one on one communicate with therapists and guide them in view of the actual clinical work of rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy. In addition, training and exchanging cases were conducted for the doctors of the hospital, focusing on the new theory, new technology and new progress of rehabilitation therapy for children with cerebral palsy abroad. Furthermore, the team introduced the current international physical treatment of children's neurorehabilitation, occupational therapy and ICF-CY clinical application.



Since 2005, led by the Ed Foundation, the China Rehabilitation Medical Professional Committee for Pediatric Rehabilitation has cooperated with CPN in the United States to build five training and demonstration bases in five regions of China, namely, east, west, south, north and middle, to teach the latest theory and technology of children's cerebral palsy rehabilitation, to train national trainers for children's cerebral palsy rehabilitation, and to build demonstration bases with Chinese characteristics and in line with international standards. This exchange and guidance visit is of great significance to further promote the development of rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy in China, and to enable children with cerebral palsy to obtain the rehabilitative treatment and services of high quality.