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A Profile of Professor Zhang Fengjie

2017-06-07 09:01

Part One. Basic Information

Graduated from Department of Japanese Language and Literature in Harbin Normal University in July 1985, Professor Zhang Fengjie as the Prime Provincial professional leader, first-level academic leader of foreign language and literature , the first winner of provincial teaching masters of Jiamusi University, first winner of provincial top-quality courses, prime postgraduate supervisor, winner of Jiamusi University 100 domestic leading talents, went to Japanese Universities twice as visiting scholar, recently being the dean of Jiamusi University foreign Language Institute.

Part Two. Part-time Academic Positions

The executive director of China Japanese Teaching Research Association; executive director of China Language Education Research Association; Member of the Expert Committee on qualification certification of national foreign economic & trade; Vice president of the Heilongjiang Foreign Language Association; Vice president of Heilongjiang Translation Association; Vice president of Heilongjiang Japanese Language Association; Member of Japanese Language Education Association; Member of the Research and Compilation Committee of High Cooperation Organization; contributing editor of Northeastern University Press; Researcher of Foreign Language Teaching Materials Institute of Dalian Maritime University

Part Three. Academic Research and Achievements

Preside over projects: one project of National Social Science Foundation; 2 projects of Heilongjiang Social Science; one project of Heilongjiang Education Science Research; one Key Project for Heilongjiang Twenty-first Century Teaching Reform, one project of Heilongjiang Key Financial Aid for Young Backbone Teachers; one project of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Education Department; one project of Comprehensive Pilot Reform of Heilongjiang Colleges and Universities; one project of Heilongjiang College Students' Innovation Guidance; one participation in Fund of Ministry of Education for Overseas Returnee; one project of The Japanese Ministry of Scientific Education Research Fund.

Awards Winning: Two second prizes of Heilongjiang Excellent Teaching Achievement, one Heilongjiang Teaching Management Quality Award, one third prize of Heilongjiang Education Science. One third prize of Heilongjiang Social Science, two first prizes of Jiamusi University Excellent Teaching Achievement, publishing a series of teaching materials of 2 sets and 5 books, 1 monograph, and more than 10 papers.

Part Four. Academic Status and Influence

The first person who wins the Provincial Educator in the foreign language field, represents Heilongjiang Province as the standing director of China Japan Teaching Research Association and Chinese Language Education Research Association as well as the main Vice president of Heilongjiang Foreign Language Association. She has been invited to academic lectures in domestic universities (Jiangsu University, Sichuan Foreign Language University, Harbin Normal University, Jiaxing University, Suihua University, etc.), several times presided over the meeting and read her published papers in the national and international academic conferences. She twice served as head of the National Delegation to Japan: in 1995 China SAFEA and Ministry of Education together sent China University Japanese teachers training in Japan, in 2007 the Japanese consortium, Japan Science and Technology Association Chinese University delegation's visit to Japan.

Part Five. Outstanding Contribution

  1. Specialty and Discipline Construction

Set up and cultivate a group of foreign language teachers with high level of foreign language application, teaching ability, dedication, unity and integrity. In the construction of undergraduate curriculums, the concept of "language + direction" has been set up, and it has realized three leaps of foreign language major in Jiamusi University: professional training, undergraduate education, postgraduate education; key specialty, key provincial specialty, top-major. In the development of foreign language disciplines, according to the existing resources and conditions, focus on refining their own unique features, so that the comprehensive strength of this discipline ranks among the forefront positions of language circles both domestically and overseas.

  1. Donations Acquiring

Professor Zhang Fengjie has won a wide range of compliments for his excellent foreign language proficiency and noble personality, and has made outstanding achievements in the development and construction of Jiamusi University. She has received various donations: Foreign Language Teaching Building of Jiamusi University ---1 million U. S. dollars; the Shen Nei Japanese Teacher Training Fund---1 million yuan; Foreign Language Training Base---the municipal government special investment with 2 million yuan.

  1. Foreign Exchange

The Japanese Tokyo Gakugei University, the Kyushu Institute of Foreign Languages and Jiamusi University were established as sister schools.

  1. Academic Activities Undertaken

Host the Fourth contest of Japanese consortium, Japan Science and Technology Association Sasakawa Cup China Division; host the Fifth National Language Education Seminar in Heilongjiang Province; host the 2012 Foreign Language Academic Annual Meeting of Heilongjiang Province and the 2011 Japanese Academic Conference.

Part Six. Awards Receiving

 Outstanding Teacher of the Third Session of Heilongjiang Province ; Heilongjiang Province Second Batch of Provincial Top-quality Course; Outstanding Teacher in Heilongjiang Province; Heilongjiang Province Model Teacher; "Women’s Meritorious Pacesetter"; Heilongjiang Province "the Revitalization of Education Award"; Jiamusi City Model Worker. The winner of the first session of Jiamusi University Master; one of “the Ten Pacesetter in Education” and “Ten Teaching Model” ; Jiamusi University "Ten Model of Teacher Morality Construction"; Advanced Individual of Jiamusi University Party Conduct and Clean Government ; Jiamusi University Outstanding Communist; Advanced Individual of Jiamusi University Employment.

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