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Zhang Pengxia

2017-06-07 09:02

Zhang Pengxia, female, born in 1967, Ph.D., now is a professor of level 3, the outstanding teacher of both Heilongjiang Province and Jiamusi University, the doctoral adviser, and the deputy director of the office, engaged in teaching and scientific research of biochemistry and molecular biology. She has got the second prize of the Teaching Achievement of Higher Education in Heilongjiang Province and is in charge of the course the vitamin and the health, the video exquisite course of Jiamusi University. She is also the vice-director of China Gerontology and the Anti-aging Branch-committee and the editorial member of Chinese Journal of Gerontology.

Her main research direction in the field of anti-tumor mechanism and targeted therapy, as well as the anti-aging medicine research. As the editorial member of Chinese Journal of Gerontology, the executive director of the provincial biochemistry and molecular biology, as well as the deputy director of the State Second-class Society, she reached the Expert Consensus on Aging and Anti-aging with the domestic well-known experts, which was published in Chinese Journal of Gerontology.

Totally, there are 26 students with Ph.D. degree and master degree independently guided by Zhang, among which 23 people have graduated. Her current research achievements are as follows:

  1. 20 research projects : presiding over the general program of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the general program of the Natural Science Foundation of Heilongjiang Province, the key teacher project of Provincial Education Department;

  2. Her innovation team for tumor pathogenesis and targeted therapy have successively published more than 90 articles in the Oncology Reports, Acta Biochim Biophys Sin, Journal of Experimental Hematology, Chinese Journal of Gerontology, Chinese Journal of Pathophysiology,  Tumor and the like, including 5 SCI articles; published in 2007 in the ActaBiochimBiophys Sin. 2007 Oct, IF = 2.462, this article has been quoated 40 times.

  3. Prizes: one Third Prize of Provincial Department of Technology , one First and two Second Progress Prize of Provincial Department of Education, five First and two Second Progress Prize of Jiamusi City, two Second Prize of Science and Technology of Jiamusi University;

  4. Participating in academic exchanges meetings at home and abroad for 12 times;

  5. Compiling five textbooks, such as Medical Molecular Biology.