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About Professor Sui Xiaobing

2017-06-07 09:03

Professor Sui Xiaobing,


Doctor of  Literature, Shanghai International Studies University;

Professor, Masters’ Tutor, Director, and Party Secretary of Non-Major Foreign Language Department;

Academic Leader of English Language Literature at Jiamusi University;

Deputy Director of the Committee of Foreign Language Teaching in Universities of Heilongjiang Province.

Vice Chairman of College Foreign Language Teaching Committee of Heilongjiang Higher Education Institutions;

Deputy Director of Heilongjiang Foreign Language Education Academic Exchange Base;

Executive Director of Heilongjiang Foreign Languages Society

Executive Director of Heilongjiang Business English Society.

Honorary Titles.(Over 30, to name a few)

Ethics Advanced Individual as a Teacher in Jiamusi City

Technical Expert in Jiamusi;

Excellent Communist Party Member of Jiamusi City;

Reputable Teacher of Jiamusi University;

Teaching Model of Jiamusi University;

Model of “Maintaining Enthusiasm in Five Aspects”(瞎翻译的)

First Prize for a Teaching Year.

Academic Achievements:

Win Twice the 2nd Prize of Teaching Achievement Prize of Higher Education in Heilongjiang Province (both for the chair);

The Third Prize of Outstanding Scientific Research Achievements in Social Sciences in Heilong Jiang Province;

Presided over One Provincial Excellent Courses;

Edit two Teaching Materials( General Higher Educational Level, National Planning);

Edit one Monograph;

Edit nine Teaching Materials (First class publisher)

Publish five CSSCI articles;

Publish more than 30 articles at national and provincial levels;

Presided over 2 projects in China Foreign Language Education Fund;

Presided over 1 project of the Base of Scientific Research in The National Language Committee;

Presided over 4 the provincial education reform projects;

Presided over 1 project of Socialism Philosophy Planning Office of Heilongjiang Province;

Presided over 2 Specific Foreign Language projects on the Key Subjects of Economic and Social Development in Heilongjiang province (the Provincial Social Science Association Project);

Presided over 8 college level teaching and research projects.

Presided over one Excellent Teaching Team of Jiamusi University, one course in ”One Hundred Courses”, one Quality Course, and one Mooc Course.