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A Brief Introduction of Professor Yu Zhang

2017-06-07 09:48

A Brief Introduction of Professor Yu Zhang

Yu Zhang, female, born in 1964, Master degree, professor, postdoctoral mentor, current college dean of School of Pharmacy, director of the Pharmaceutical Research Institute of Heilongjiang Province, director of key laboratory biological medicine preparations of Heilongjiang province, dean of Jiamusi university pharmaceutical industry research institute, provincial level key disciplines (medicine) leaders, professional leaders of a special major of national grade, leading tutor of master of Science in Pharmacy, head of the provincial excellent courses, provincial teaching celebrities, provincial outstanding scientific and technological researchers, provincial model teacher, provincial education system "women's meritorious service" model, Jiamusi University well-known in the domestic leading talent, municipal professional and technical talent with outstanding contributions, and the expert of Expert Advisory Committee.

Meanwhile, she does part-time job in magazine editorial board of Chinese Natural Medicine, Pharmacy Education, Heilongjiang Medical Science, and Journal of Jiamusi University. And she is member of  World Federation of Chinese Medicine Association of Chinese medicine chemical professional committee, China Pharmaceutical Association of Higher Education Research Association, director of China Natural Medicines Council, executive director of Heilongjiang Provincial Pharmaceutical Association, vice chairman of Heilongjiang Province Pharmaceutical Association of Chinese medicine natural medicine professional committee, vice chairman of Jiamusi City Pharmaceutical Association, chairman of Jiamusi City biomedical industry technology innovation strategic alliance, expert service group head of Jiamusi City biomedical industry and other duties.

Her research fields are the extraction and separation of polysaccharides from traditional Chinese medicine and the micro-ecological regulation of intestinal, design and synthesis of anti-tumor crystal drugs and controlled release behavior, and screening of natural drug active ingredients and new drug development. She undertakes one "973" project, two national science and technology support program projects, two national science fund projects, three provincial natural fund projects, more than 10 department bureau level projects, two city talent projects, five school-enterprise cooperation projects, and three achievement transformation projects. She published more than 100 papers, which included 14 SCI. and published 14 textbooks and academic writings. She won six provincial teaching achievement awards, eight provincial, bureau level science and technology awards and is authorized seven patents, of which four are invention patents.