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Biography of Professor Shuqiu Wang

2017-06-07 12:31

Biography of Professor Shuqiu Wang

Professor Shu-qiu Wang is a Master of Medicine and Doctoral Tutor. Professor Wang is an academic leader of medical key subject of preclinical medicine, a director of the Institute of Chinese Pathphysiology and Society of Physiological Science, as well as a committee member of pathophysiology of Society of Physiological Science in Heilongjiang  Province. Professor Wang is also an editorial board member of Chinese Journal of Pathophysiology and Heilongjiang Medicine and Pharmacy.

In 2009, a study on the epilepsy caused by brain damage and ganoderma lucidum spores intervention placed second in Heilongjiang Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award. The Master’s thesis guided by Profess Wang was awarded provincial honorary title of the 6th excellent master’s thesis. A total of 114 postgraduates, and 26 graduates in the last five years, and 5 doctor-postgraduates are in the school now. Professor Wang presided over two items of Natural Science Foundation of China and one item of Medical Education Research and two items of provincial Natural Science Fund. She also has won many awards including one item of Provincial Science and Technology Progress Second Award (the first position) and two items of Third Award (the first and the third position respectively); one item of the first and the second award in science and technology progress of provincial colleges individually (the first position); one item of the third prize of science and technology of provincial health department (the second position). In addition, there are 2 invention patents, 3 utility model patents. 6 textbook publications, over 60 published papers and altogether 16 papers were published in SCI.

Professor Wang was awarded provincial level of honorary titles such as “Outstanding Communist Party Member” in June 2016; “Model Teacher” and “Female Pacesetter of Educational System” in September 2007; “Provincial People’s Government” in June 2008; “Excellent Postgraduate Tutor” in May 2010; “Academic Leader of Preclinical Medicine” in October 2011 and “Prominent Educator” in August 2011. Professor Wang was also awarded city level of honorary titles including “Outstanding Contribution Award in science and technology innovation in the 11th Five-Year Plan; “March-Eighth Red-banner Pacesetter” in March 2000; “ Model Worker” in April 2010; “ the 5th and the 6th Professional and Technical Talent with outstand contribution award” in July 2006 and December 2012 respectively. Professor Wang won the name “Prominent Educator” in December 2003 and “Ten Pacesetter of New Education Ideal “in September 2004 in Jiamusi University.