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2021 Specialties of Colleges and Departments of Jiamusi University

2020-11-25 07:54
Doctoral Program
Human Anatomy,Histology and Embryology Engineering Materials Physics and Chemistry
Immunology Materials Science
Pathogenic Organisms Materials Processing Engineering
Pathology and Pathophysiology
Master's Program
Education Educational Management Medical
Human Anatomy,Histology and Embryology
Modern Educational Technology
Applied Psychology Immunology
Elementary Education Pathogenic Organisms
Pre-school Education Pathology and Pathophysiology
Physical Education
Sports Training Forensic science
Guidance of Social Sports Epidemiology and Health Statistics
Economics Accounting
Law Basic Principle of Marxism Occupational and Environmental Health
Research on Marxism in China
Ideological and Political Education Nutrition and Food Hygiene
Literature English Language and Literature
Russian Language and Literature Maternal and Child Hygiene
Japanese Language and Literature
Asian-African Language and Literature Public Health
Science of Literature and Art Internal Medicine
Linguistics and Applied Linguistics Pediatrics
Chinese Ancient Literature
Chinese Modern and ContemporaryLiterature △ Geratology
Comparative Literature and World Literature △ Neurology
Art Studies of Music and Dancing Imaging and Nuclear Medicine
Vocal Music Singing
Instrumental Performance Clinical Examination Diagnostics
Piano Performance
Conductor Surgery
Study on the Art of Chinese Painting Obstetrics and Gynecology
Study on the Art of Oil Painting Ophthalmology
Study on the Art of Watercolor Painting Otorhinolaryngology
Study on the Art of Lacquer Painting Oncology
Chinese Painting Anaesthesiology
Oil Painting Emergency Medicine
Watercolor Painting Radiology △
Arts and Crafts Ultrasonic Medicine △
Visual Communication Art Osteopathic Medicine △
Environmental Design Intensive Care Medicine △
Science Botany General practice medicine
Zoology Clinical Pathology
Hydrobiology Nursing
Microbiology Rehabilitation Medicine and Physical Therapy
Neurobiology Basic Science of Stomatology
Genetics Clinical Stomatology
Cytobiology Inorganic Chemistry
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Analytical Chemistry
Biophysics Organic Chemistry
Engineering Agricultural Mechanization Engineering Physical Chemistry
Agricultural Biological Environmental & Energy Engineering Polymeric Chemistry and Physics △
Agricultural Electrification & Automation Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Mechanical Pharmaceutics
Materials Physics and Chemistry Pharmacognostics
Materials Science Pharmaceutical Analysis
Materials Processing Engineering Microbial and Biochemical Pharmacy
Applied Computer Technology Pharmacology
Bachelor's Program
College of Natural Science Mathematics and Applied mathematics College of Material Science and Engineering Welding technology and Engineering
Physics Material Processing and Control Engineering
Metallic Materials Engineering
Geography Inorganic Non-metals Material Engineering
Applied Statistics △ College of Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Design Automation and Manufacture
College of Life Science Biological Science Agricultural Mechanization and Automation
Biotechnology Agricultural Electrification
Gardening Energy and Power Engineering
Animal and Plant Quarantine Vehicle Engineering
College of Humanity Chinese Language and Literature College of Information electronic technology Electrical Engineering and Automation
Network and New Media Computer Science and Technology
Law Electronic Information Engineering
College of Economics and Management Accounting Communication Engineering
Industrial and Commercial Management Technique and Instrumentation of Measurements
Electronic Commerce √ Robot Engineering △
International Economics and Trade Automation
Logistics Management √ College of Stomatology Stomatology
College of Foreign Languages English College of Basic Medicine Clinical Medicine
College of Clinical Medicine&College of Medical Inspection Laboratory Medicine Technology
Japanese Nursing
Rehabilitation Therapy
Russian College of Public Health Preventive Medicine
Health Services and management △
College of Music Musicology College of Pharmaceutical Science Chemistry
Music Performance Pharmacy
Composition and Composition Technique Theory Pharmaceutical Analysis
Choreography Chemical Engineering and Technology
Broadcasting and Hosting Art △ Pharmacy Engineering
College of Fine Arts Fine Arts College of Education Science Pre-school Education
Visual Communication Design Elementary Education
Painting Psychology
Environmental Design Educational Technology
Industrial Art College of Architecture and Engineering Civil Engineering
College of Physical Education Physical Education Architecture
College of
Ideological and Political Education
Guidance and Management of Social Sports
※The following Majors in the above form are provided for subject teaching :Biology, Chemistry, Arts, Music, Ideological and Political Education,Chinese ,History ,Mathematics,Physics,Geography,Physical Education,English
In addition to all Ph.D. and master's majors, undergraduate majors marked with "√" can also apply for Chinese government scholarships; "△" refers to newly added majors