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The announcement of the 70th anniversary of Jia Musi University

2017-04-28 14:11


The announcement of the 70th anniversary of Jia Musi University

The 70th birthday of Jia Musi University will be approaching on July 20thHereby, we will give the deepest appreciation and the highest respect to the leaders at all levels, the alumni at home and abroad and friends from all walks of life and thank you for your concerns, help and support for Jia Musi University all the time.

With seventy years of fruitful progression and sheer endeavor, the origin of the school was He Jiang health school of military area which found in 1947. By the time of 1949, the Jia Musi normal specialized postsecondary college was established and the formal institution of Jia Musi University was found in 1985. Up to 1995, four schools were combines with three other specialized secondary schools, generations of JMSU people cut their ways through difficulties and have the courage to face setbacks, they have the boldness to be the first and continue to forge ahead. They take root in the border region and continue to grow stronger with the country’s progress. Now Jia Musi University has become a provincial High-level university which belongs to the key construction project in Hei Longjiang province. Jia Musi University is one of the universities which in the list of National Basic Ability Construction Project of Western and Central China (second phrase) in the 13th Five-year Plan.

Jia Musi University is a comprehensive university in Hei Longjiang province, which contains all category of major as well as the medical specialty. The school has 25 faculties, 76 undergraduate major as well as 2 doctorate authorization first-level disciplines, 11 master authorization first-level disciplines, 5 master authorization second-level disciplines, 5 professional master’s degree program, 1 center for post-doctoral studies and 3 post-doctoral research station. The classification of discipline include 11 discipline fields, namely literature, science, engineering, medical science, economics, pedagogy, law, history, management, agriculture and art. The school has 3 national special major including stomatology, material formation and control engineering, pharmaceutical engineering and 11 provincial key majors as well as 7 provincial major courses. Jia Musi University is lead institution for the comprehensive university medical group of medical education committee of CAHE (Higher Education Academic of China).the school joined the federation of Chinese and Russian medical universities, east-west course alliance, and the federation of the UOOC education as well as the federation of Chinese medicine education MOOC.

The research center which governed by the ministry of education called Metal wear resistant materials and surface technical engineering and the talent training base of national health and family planning committee with rehabilitation medicine, the overseas Russian student training base of the ministry of education, the training center for Hei Longjiang general family medicine are all here.

What’s more, JMSU is the first national batch for the training base of the standardized training of residents in Hei Longjiang province, the collaborating center of Sino-Russia scientific research, the higher institution for the corporation between enterprise and school mainly for wear-resistant material research and development center. The

Academic exchange base for the cultural research in Sanjiang area in Hei Longjiang province is also established in our university.

The science and technology programs have progressed quickly in recent years with characters of serving the local social and economic development, JMSU has taken part in the projects of National Programs of 973 and 863, the projects supported by Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and Social Science Fund, the National Science-technology SupportPlan Projects and various themes and subjects of the Ministry of Education, State Ethic Affairs Commission and health and family-planning commissions at all levels. We have dozens of national invention patents in the aspects of research and development of wear-resistant materials, pharmaceuticals and agricultural machinery & engineering. With the intensive progression of transformation of scientific and technologic achievements, our capability of serving the economic and social development continues to increase. By insisting on the concept of open schooling and education, JMSU has established the friendly cooperative relations with 44 higher education institutes (HEIs) in eleven countries and regions such as Russia, Japan, South Korea, US, British and matriculated foreign students coming from over 50 countries to study here as one of the universities entrusted by the Chinese government to offer scholarship for those foreign students. Since it was founded, JMSU always insists on the schooling direction of socialism and the development direction of modernization, internationalization and information base by strengthening the school with quality and talents, revitalizing it with characters and running it by law through giving the priority to the moral education and people cultivation under the guidance of concepts of innovation, harmony, green, open and sharing development. JMSU has educated over 400,000 talents of all industries at different levels for the nation.

The 70th anniversary celebration not only serves as the milestone in the history of JMSU, but also offers an significant opportunity to create the new glories in its new journey. It is a grand gathering of JMSU staff to display achievements, share experience and join hands to hands for common development. For the time being, the University has established the preparation commission to celebrate its 70th anniversary and make preparations in all-around manner, and the grand celebration will be launched in July, 2017. We are looking forward to your participation in the grand celebration with the status of alumni at home or abroad or as friends coming from all circles of the society who concerns and supports the celebration and development of JMSU. Let’s come together in the beautiful campus of JMSU to recall the friendship between students and teachers, witness the 70-year development of JMSU and discuss its development strategy and educational program.

We respectfully await all of you are informed through the public statement.


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May 20, 2017

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