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Jiamusi University Issued the 70th Anniversary Celebration Logo

2017-06-21 10:08

Jiamusi University Issued the 70th Anniversary Celebration Logo

Recently, in the logos collecting activity for "70th Anniversary Celebration" of Jiamusi University, the design innovated by Guo Jia, the alumni in School of Fine Arts in class year of 2000, is formally selected to be the logo for the 70th anniversary celebration

The design, based on the figure.70, mixes with elements of Jiamusi University’s age span(1947-2017), “Mao style” Chinese calligraphy university characters and English logo of university. Bright red is selected as the background color to deeply impress viewers. Traditional culture and modern dynamic figures are properly combined in the design. The design reflects the university’s historical accumulation and the sense of sincere affability which symbolizes the alma mater’s warmth and auspiciousness, also represents honor, soar, development, endeavor, and energy.




The Interpretation of Logo for the 70th Anniversary Celebration of Jiamusi University.

1. The figure 70 as the major element designed in the logo visually reflects the 70 years history of university.

2. The figure 7 in the logo initials with the vision of the head of Chinese dragon, and ends with three left falling strokes: The head of Chinese dragon symbolizes that Jiamusi University locates in Heilongjiang Province; the three left falling strokes symbolize that the Jiamusi University is in the Three Rivers Plain. The shape of the design is lively, united, and full of festival meaning.

The figure 0 in the form of calligraphy writing with a smooth shape collocates with the fire wheels shape on the right side. With the general modern style design, the figure 0 naturally combines traditional culture and modern dynamic shape to symbolize the auspicious and warm sense of the alma mater.

3. Bright red, as its deep impressing function, is selected as the background color to represent honor, soar, development, Endeavour, and energy.

4. The figure 1947-2017 below directly shows a 70 years university age sense. The design also marks Jiamusi University with its English Logo. The combination of the figure and the English logo brightly and clearly expresses the university’s modern sense.


5. “Mao style” Chinese Calligraphy is selected for the Chinese characters of Jiamusi University , which is a metaphor for the historical accumulation of Jiamusi University.