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The Delegation of Japan Central Academy Group Pays a Friendly Visit to Our University

2019-12-27 15:02

On May 7th, the Central Academy Group of Japan sent a 7-member delegation headed by Chairman Mr. Hiroshi Nakajima to pay a friendly visit to our university.

Zhao Baojiang, Vice President, met the guests and the two sides held a friendly talk.

Zhao Baojiang,first of all, on behalf of Jiamusi University, extended a warm welcome to Chairman Mr. Hiroshi Nakajima and his entourage. And then Zhao Baojiang made a brief introduction in regard to the Jiamusi University’s profile about the scale,the feature,the international exchange and cooperation of Jiamusi University and so forth,

hoping that through this meeting, the two sides could deepen the understanding of both sides and, based on the exchange in the past, explore a broader and more practical cooperation model to achieve the resource sharing, and the win-win eventually.

In his statement, Mr.Hiroshi Nakajima expressed his appreciation

for the warm welcome from Jiamusi University, especially for the trust and support from our university to Japan Central Academy Group,and hoped that through this meeting, the two sides could conduct cooperation in the aspect of language training,academic promoting, internship and employment and so on,providing a more efficient and convenient way of study and employment for our students and teachers.

Some faculties and other relevant personnel,from the Department of International Exchange and Cooperation, the College of Rehabilitation Medicine and the Foreign Language Institute, attended the meeting.