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Jiamusi University undertakes the exchange meeting of the national key research and development plan

2019-12-27 15:07

On 14th of this month,the development and exchange conference for key specific project and agricultural parks integration, i.e.the national key research and development plan,Intelligent Agricultural Machinery, was held in Jiamusi.The conference was sponsored by China Rural Technology Development Center of Ministry of Science and Technology and organized by Mechanical Engineering College of Jiamusi University.

The experts from Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences and Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Jiaotong University and other scientific research institutes, the experts in charge of the whole plan ofIntelligent Agricultural Machinery, and its personnel in charge of the specific sections as well as the representatives from the agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprises and the agricultural science and technology parks, about 120 persons or so, attended the conference.

Deng Xiaoming, Director of China Rural Technology Development Center, in his speech, combining with the overall working arrangement of the village technology development of the Ministry of Science and Technology, talked about how to integrate the scientific and technological achievement with the agricultural parks,to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and to support agricultural park development of high quality.

At the meeting, representatives from Heilongjiang Provincial Agricultural Machinery Institute, Northeast Agriculture University, Changfajialian Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd, and Baoquanling Farm gave accounts of the transformation of research achievements,product development and application,agricultural park construction and the like to the experts and made communication with other representatives.

During the conference, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences and Chinese Academy of Sciences, signed a comprehensive strategy cooperation agreement with Jiamusi University

In the afternoon, the experts and members of project teams made in-depth exchange and discussion about the plan implementation progress,achievement innovation,and specific technique issues, and conducted the transformation of achievements.