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The 3rd China Hezhen Development Summit Forum Open

2019-12-27 15:19

From June 14thto16th, the Third China Hezhen Development Summit Forum was held in Jiamusi University. This summit forum was hosted by Jiamusi University,and undertaken by the research base of Hezhen History, Culture and Social Development and Humanities School.

Department head from the State Ethnic Affairs Commission, the ethnic religion of provincial or regional ethnic communities, related personnel of other cities and counties, experts and scholars from colleges and universities at home and abroad, inheritors of Hezhen Non-material Cultural Heritage, and people of relevant enterprises,100 or so, attended the forum on the theme ofNew China, the 70-Year Development of Hezhen.

This forum was mainly focused on the theme ofNew China, the 70-Year Development of Hezhen,aiming at the practical problems and specific difficulties for Hezhen’s development.Experts and scholars from China and Russia submitted 101 research papers.

These papers are closely related to research content, such as the Hezhen’s 70-year achievements, the historical and cultural social development, the education of national minority, the cultural inheritance and industrial development, the ecological civilization, the building of a well-off society in an all-round way and so forth .

These research results combined theory with practice, from the research perspective of both the overall strategic vision of the policy, and the specific economic cultural and social development strategy. At the same time, the papers on the study of other ethnic groups with less population also provided useful reference for the study of Hezhen,opening up new ideas to understand the issues of Hezhen nationality and ethnic groups with less population. The forum consisted of one main venue forum and three sub-forums.

Hundreds of experts and scholars at home and abroad conducted in-depth and productive discussions in respect of historical culture,social development,ethnic minority education,language and literature,protection and inheritance of non-material cultural heritage,development and prosperity of cultural industry, and research on ethnic minority with less population,from which many theoretical consensus were formed.

In the duration of the forum, an exhibition of artwork,handicrafts as well as cultural and creative product of Hezhen and an entertainment performance were held, which was an intensively illustration of the research results of the innovative protection, inheritance and development of Jiamusi University's traditional culture and art in Hezhen nationality.