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Experts from Research Base of Hezhen Nationality's History, Culture and Social Development in Juamusi Unversity Pay an Academic visit to Nanai Region in Russia

2019-12-31 15:03

At the request of Nanai Region Government of Khabarovsk in Russia,Li Guangjie,deputy director of the Research Base of Hezhen Nationality's History, Culture and Social Development in Juamusi Unversity, and several staff visited Nanai Region of Russia,attending the celebration for the Nanai Region’s 85thanniversary and making academic visit from June 27th to July 1st .

During the visit,Savronov Nikolai, governor of Nanai Region, in the village of Troitsk, met the delegation from our university, and welcomed the delegation to attend the 85th Anniversary Celebration of Nanai Region, and expressed the intention to further strengthen the communication and cooperation between the two sides, and promote the development of Nanai Region.

On behalf of Jiamusi University, Li Guangjie expressed deep gratitude to the Nanai Region Government for the invitation and introduced the situation of Hezhen Nationality Research in our university. He also expressed that through the academic research of cross-boundary ethnic minority, Hezhen in China - Nanai in Russia, two sides would promote the protection and inheritance together for the cross-boundary ethnic culture and made an earnest invitation to attend academic research of Hezhen in our university.

After the meeting, the delegation attended the 85th Anniversary of Nanai Region, and the Region Mayor's reception of honorary citizens and the celebration parade, visited the Visitors Centre of Anyui Conservation Area and the Chorography Museum in Troitsk Village, and watched the art festival performance,facilitating a comprehensive understanding of the history, the culture, the ecological protection and the current development of economy and society and the specific culture and customs of Nanai Region.

During the visit, with the government officials and locals in Nanai Region, the delegation made a in-depth discussion about the difference between Chinese Hezhen and Russian Nanai in regard of population development, physical health, culture changes,and industry integration, and about the multi-ethnic marriage’s effect on later generations.

During the intervals, the delegation also organized seminars and street interviews with people of different ages in Nanai to conduct multi-angle and targeted fieldwork, obtaining a comprehensive understanding of Nanai population, education, language, health, medical, ethnic sports and professional aspirations, and a large number of valuable first-hand information on academic research.

On June 30th,the delegation also paid a visit to Liu Quan,Chinese Vice Consul at embassy in Khabarovsk and later to the historical museum there.