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A delegation from H.H. Gryshko National Botanical Garden of Ukraine National Academy of Sciences visited our school.

2019-12-31 15:36

On the morning of November 4, H.B. Zaymenko, the director of H.H. Gryshko National Botanical Garden of Ukraine National Academy of Sciences, and senior researcher H.B. Skripchenko and other delegates visited our school. President Meng Shangjiu met with the guests and the two sides had a friendly talks.

During the meeting, President Meng Shangjiu first expressed a warm welcome to Academician H.B. Zaymenko on behalf of Jiamusi University. He said that the two sides have a long history of cooperation and exchanges. In recent years, new scientific research cooperation projects have been launched in various fields. The exchange and interaction between the two sides are getting more frequent. He hoped that the two sides can carry out joint research on soil amendment and restoration, the comprehensive development and utilization of crop straw, selection and breeding of new berry types in cold areas, and fruit processing skills, with the help of the Joint International Research Laboratory of Jiamusi Sino-Unong Forestry Technology Development and Utilization.

During the meeting, H.B. Zaymenko said that both sides have established a lasting and deep relationship over the years, and the scientific research and cooperation plan have been carried out smoothly and are progressing steadily. She hopes to further promote the implementation of scientific research and cooperation through this visit.

Leaders from the International Exchange and Cooperation Department and College of Life Sciences attended the meeting. After the talks, the two sides exchanged gifts and took photos together.