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Campus Culture

School culture

School motto: Virtuous and hardworking; advocating practice


School spirit: Enterprising spirit, seeking truth and pragmatism, exploration and

innovation, striving and enthusiasm


School ethos: Consolidation, perseverance, Enlightenment, Creation


Style of teaching: rigorous scholarship, impart knowledge and educate people


Style of studying: motivation, diligent in study, wise thinking, seek creation


Setting green as the dominant hue of the school badge, the abstract pattern at the top

of the badge derive from the image of the school gate. The image is an abstract

Chinese character for “crowd”, consisting of three Chinese characters for “human

being”. Three polygonal lines at the bottom represent the region-namely the three

river plain. The founding year and the name of the Jamusi University are written in

the middle in both Chinese and English.


The background of the school is also green with some white stripes in the middle,

where the school badge and the school name in both Chinese and English are stitched.

The school song is called the school song of Jiamusi University. The school


Song of Jiamusi University:


anniversary is the on 20th July.